Wolf Oil Field Services

We’re the premier source in North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Range for:

  • Oil Trucking - Our fleet of dependable trucks and highly trained drivers will get your precious cargo to its destination.
  • Aggregate Material and Trucking - We operate a diverse fleet of side dumps, belly dumps, and double bellys to meet your unique needs for each and every job.
  • Construction and Maintenance Services - Whether you need minor repairs to your existing infrastruture, or you're looking to build new, we have the experience to provide a solution that meets your needs.

Whether you’re an energy company executive, a construction services provider, or an experienced driver, Wolf Oil Field Services wants to partner with you. Call us today at 515-225-8866.


Premier Oil Field Services in the Bakken Oil Range

Wolf Oil Field Services brings expertise in the oil, transportation and construction industries to the booming Bakken Oil Range in North Dakota. Our commitment to providing high value services to our customer's sets us apart from other area service providers. Our customers count on us for:

  • Safety-first trucking services. We know that energy development and the related infrastructure development are expensive and can have high degrees of risk. That’s why we’re dedicated to hiring the best people and training them to operate and maintain quality equipment.
  • Dependability. We pride ourselves in our commitment to meeting our customers high needs every time. In a region where service shortfalls are far to common, you can depend on us to keep our word. 
  • Creative Solutions. Whether you have a high volume well on flow back, need multiple types of aggregate materials in coordinated delivery schedules, or have LACT maintenance needs, we can develop a solution that meets your needs.

 If you're looking for a partner that you can count on in a 24/7 environment, call us at 515-225-8866.


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